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Olof Sköld, Co-founder Maurten

Episode Summary

NOT JUST ANOTHER SPORTS DRINK In 2015, Maurten burst onto the international running and cycling scene with a revolutionary sports drink. Since then, Maurten products have gone on to fuel almost every major marathon win on the planet. Meet the mastermind behind the game-changing technology.

Episode Notes

In this episode we talk about: Olof Sköld


* 1:00 How do you pronounce Maurten

* 3:00 The background of founder Olof Sköld

* 4:00 What is the origin of Maurten

* 9:00 The introduction of Hydrogel technology

* 14:55 The introduction on the world stage - Kenenisa Bekele 2016

* 16:20 The early confirmation

* 22:00 How the technology works

* 23:45 The science behind gastric emptying

* 24:55 The studies on hydrogel

* 29:00 75% of the elite marathon field is fueling with Maurten

* 31:50 How to use Maurten

* 39:50 Why almost all elite marathon runners are choosing to fuel with Maurten

* 41:50 Why MMA fighters are fueling with Maurten